Thanos could kill Thor but he didn't do it Why ?

 As the god of the Thunder, this was the best chance to defeat Thor, so Crazy Titan didn’t kill him right away in Avengers: Divinity War?

For this reason, Thanos did not kill Thoria in the early days of Avengers: Infinity War. While Marvel Studios introduced the culmination of the Infinity saga in 2018, Anthony Russo discussed exactly the most important villain in the arc: Thanos. Because of their urgent introduction, the filmmakers had to find an effective way for Avengers to establish themselves as a worthy opponent, which they achieved in the early stages of the film. Here, Thanos easily defeats the Hulk in his hand and then kills the log by killing him. However, Crazy Titan never went after Thor despite the fact that the god of thunder is the most obvious threat to his plan.

As one, if not MCU’s most powerful hero at the time, it makes sense that Thor was almost close to destroying Mad Titan’s plans. Without the swelling, he could have effectively stopped Thanos with the Stormbreaker. It’s safe to assume that Thanos was aware of Thor’s abilities, so why not threaten to kill him when he gave him a chance at the beginning of the film?

Thanos is already powerful with or without the Infinity Stones, he was an opponent of the brain (and Thor isn’t really a brain hero). As the conqueror of the planets, trying to achieve balance in the universe, Thanos began looking for the Infinite Stones after hearing that it was an easy way to achieve his goals. Interestingly, Thanos did not see himself as a villain despite his cunning plan; He was convinced he was doing it well. And because he wasn’t drifted out of greed or laziness like most villains, he wasn’t even threatened to kill it to the end. So when he killed essentially half of the life of the universe with Karkaros, he saw death necessary for the galaxy. That’s why he didn’t end up trying to kill Thor (or any other character) at the beginning of Infinity War. He believed that everything he did was part of the purpose of his life - it’s nothing personal.


Avengers Infinity War - Thor Stabs Thanos

However, this does not mean that Thanos could not have killed. He had personal murders at the MCU, including Loki and Hemold. Later, in Infinity War, he also kills Gomorrah and Vision. Most of these deaths either provoked Than’s goals or occurred. Crazy Titan decides to go after Thor's best friend and brother as they secretly send Hulk to earth to capture the other Avengers and try to expose him in order. At the same time, both Gomora and Vision were key to achieving unplanned Soul and Mind Stone deaths.

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It’s also possible that Thanos didn’t go after Thor when the crazy titanium reportedly dealt with the Asgardians. Although Thanos did not try to kill the god of thunder when he bought the Space Stone from the Seagull, the Black Order exploded in Asgardia as a refugee ship. Therefore, he believed that Thor died in the explosion. Crazy Titan never tried to kill Iron Man knowing he was the biggest threat to his mission. Fortunately, Dr. Strange negotiated a timestone in exchange for Tony Stark’s life.

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Thor and his original Avengers friends, of course, had to tell the story of Marvel Studios to avoid Avengers: Infinity War: Avengers: Endgame as the founders of the MCU in their final mission. Fortunately, they can provide a reasonable explanation for this otherwise unexpected event. In addition, the thunder gods were also best prepared to keep the Infinity saga alive, noting that they have broken into the best approach to Thor’s nature: Ragnarok


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