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 New zombie movie won’t be released until next year, but Netflix has already given it a franchise treatment with a planned prequel to the movie and anime series.

Netflix hopes Jack Snyder’s first directors, due to family tragedy, forced him to withdraw from the 2017 Justice League movie. The company announced Thursday that it had ordered a prequel movie and an anime series for the same universe ow Showing New Haven Movie Theater Upcoming NETFLIX.

The "Army of the Dead" follows a group of mercenaries in zombie-infected Las Vegas, where they try to pull the "biggest heels." The film, whose release date has not yet been set for 2021, includes international Actors: Dave Butista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Huma Qureshi, Omari Hardwick, Tiger Notaro, Hiroyuki Sanada, Garrett Dillahunt, Matthiasia On. day. Schweighöfer, Raúl Castillo, Nora Arnezeder, Samantha Win German actress-director Schweighöfer appears in an inconsistent premiere and begins her role as Ludwig Lagarina. It was written by Shay Hutton, who wrote the first film as well as "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum." It is produced outside Germany by Schwegfer, Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Wesley Kollar and Dan Magh.

Upcoming NETFLIX Army of the Dead

The anime series "Army of the Dead: Las Vegas" tells the original story of Scott (Butista) and his rescue team in early fall in Las Vegas as they encounter the source of a zombie epidemic. Snyder has directed two episodes of the series, and Bautista, de la Reguera, Notaro, Hardwick and Pernell rise to their roles.

Netflix has taken advantage of Jay Oliva as a listener. Olive, who made his debut as a screenwriter and starred in that role in the films "Justice League" and "Thor: Ragnarok," has a long list of animations from superhero series and movies, including the prestigious Includes two-part animation. Batman: The Dark Knight is back. The main producers are Deborah Snyder, Zac Snyder, Collar, Olivia and Hatton.
Snyder had to settle for an "army of the dead" when he was fired earlier this year after former movie star Chris Dalia made allegations of sexual abuse. Although the film was already in post-production, D’Alia was replaced by a notary who worked against Green Screen.

While Snyder’s name is now synonymous with the title of DC’s expanded universe, the “Army of the Dead” universe sees him return to his roots. He made his debut with the 2004 "Dawn of the Dead" reform to make ow Showing New Haven Movie Theater Upcoming NETFLIX.

His long-awaited director's "Justice League" cut is scheduled for release next year on HBO Max. Widely known as the Snyder cut, Snyder’s version would represent his vision for the film, forcing him to resign from the director after a personal tragedy in 2017. Warner Bros. brought Joss Whedown to remake and finalize the film in post-production. It was released theatrically in 2017.


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