New Year Upcoming Bollywood Movie In 2021 Bhima Koregaon

 , "Bhima Koregaon is upcoming Bollywood movie in 2021.  Digangana said  I am very happy that I am a part of this film and in the initial stage of my career I got to play such a good character in it, it is a big thing for me."

Actress Digangana Suryavanshi, who has appeared in films like "Jalebi" and "Fryday", will soon be seen in the film "Bhima Koregaon" opposite actor Arjun Rampal. Digangana shared many things about her character, her look, her experience in the film with Aaj Tak

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Bhima will be seen in Koregaon

Also, he told a lot about the excitement about his future projects and film. 

Digangana's look in the film is very simple. She told, "I went to the set with light-colored make-up, then our director Ramesh Thete said," Look like you remove whatever light make-up is, so it can be said that my no makeup is kind of look , But our director has a lot of hard work in this film, he has laid the foundation of this subject, he would not have done this project, we had not even met. But before that he took me as a heroine in the film. "

There was also a controversy about the film, on which Digangana said, "It became a mountain of rye but our producer Ramesh Thete handled it very well and cleared it all."

Apart from this, Digangana has many more projects and while telling about his future project, "There are many things in the pipeline but currently I cannot say anything."

Digangana has turned to the big screen and on her return to TV, she says, "I love TV very much and if I get a chance to do some cameo or some good role, I would definitely like to."


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