Pubg May Start in India From December. Big News

 In September, the Government of India banned 118 mobile applications, including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite, under section 69A of the IT Act 2009. Shortly thereafter, both games were removed from the Google Play Store listing. However, users can play the game if they have already installed it on the smartphone. But after announcing their move to Tencent Games on October 30, they have announced they will stop all service and access for Indian users through PUBG Mobile’s official Facebook page.

The Facebook message explicitly states that in order to comply with the interim order, Tencent Games will discontinue all PUBG Mobile Nordic Map services: Livik and PUBG Mobile Lite. In addition, Post clarified that all rights to publish PUBG Mobile in India will be returned to PUBG Corporation.

The Facebook post here reads: "Dear fans, Tencent Games will discontinue all service and use for Indian users in accordance with an interim order issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on September 2, 2020. . Protecting user data has always been a priority, and in India we have always implemented the data. In accordance with safety laws and regulations, all game information of all users is handled openly in accordance with our privacy policy. We apologize for this result, Mobile India Thank you for your support and sincere love. "

In addition, South Korean video game holding company Kraft, which owns PUBG Corporation, has published a "Corporate Development Division Manager" list on Linkedin, proposing that the game be released from its parent company, PUBGI. market. . However, the game’s servers could mark the end of Tencent’s PUBG mobile journey in India, at least for now.


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